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Questions about God

  • Who is God?
  • Does God exist?
  • Is there a God?
  • is God is real?
  • Has anyone ever seen God?

Questions about the Holy Spirit

  • Who / what is the Holy Spirit?
  • Is the Holy Spirit a person?
  • What does the Holy Spirit do?
  • What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit?
  • What is the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives today?

Questions about the Bible

  • What is the Bible?
  • Is the Bible truly God's Word?
  • Who wrote the Bible?
  • Why should we read the Bible?
  • What does it mean that the Bible is inspired?

Questions about the Church

  • What or Who is the Iglesia ng Dios na┬áBuhay kay Cristo Jesus?
  • What is the purpose of the church?
  • What is the importance of Christian baptism?
  • Why should we worship on every Sunday?
  • Why is church attendance important?
  • Why do we have to dress up nice for church?
  • What are the duties of an elder in the church?

Questions about Prayer

  • Why is Prayer?
  • Why Pray?
  • What is praying in the Spirit?
  • How can I get my prayers answered by God?
  • What does it mean to pray for our daily bread?
  • How and why should we pray for our leaders?

Questions about Relationships

  • What does the Bible say about sex before marriage?
  • What should / shouldn't a couple do before marriage?
  • If a couple gets pregnant before marriage do they have to get married?
  • What does the Bible say about engagement?
  • Is it right for a Christian to date or marry a non-Christian?

Questions about Marriage

  • What does the Bible say about marriage?
  • Is it wrong to marry outside of your own race?
  • What does the Bible say about divorce and remarriage?
  • Why did God allow polygamy in the Bible?
  • What does the Bible say about remarriage after the death of your spouse?