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1. To promote a better medium of understanding among the Filipinos about the true teachings of God through Jesus Christ based on the bible;

2. To teach that the HOUSE OF GOD is the CHURCH OF THE LIVING GOD (IGLESIA NG DIOS NA BUHAY) where the people from every nations are chosen and called by God in these last days through entering the door, Christ Jesus (KAY CRISTO JESUS), the son of the Living God and to perfect man’s character and moral values for the salvation of their souls;

3. To encourage members to live peacefully by obeying the words of God and submit to the laws and ordinances of the Philippine government for the Lord’s sake;

4. To encourage and promote membership of the church where men may find the true path to God and glory;

5. To establish worship centers, hospice centers for the widows and aged members and missionary offices for the promotions of church activities and programs;

6. To propagate the words of God that Christ is divine in nature, pre-existed before the creation of all things, higher in ranks in all God’s angels but lesser in power to the Father Almighty, the Living God;

7. To look for the lost sheep of God in the Philippines until they enter into the fold before the coming of Christ in the judgment day;

8. To live in the fruits of spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control;